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Went to get Impossible Project film, and then went to the Leica store (!!) which was really cool, before walking around the city a little in the Chinatown area. 

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Decadence in decay (by odin’s_raven)

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URBEX - Villa du Ramoneur : Green stairs - (- Frank et son “RƏBƏL”)

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Long Exposures with Colorful Blurs by Brice Bischoff

A Los Angeles-based photographer came up with a simple yet clever way to add color to his long exposure photographs using large sheets of brightly colored paper. We bet you’ve never tried something like this before with your long exposure photos, so take a look at the results after the jump!

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Nowhere Man

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Staff Pick -

The fog, the dew. I love how we as the viewer are staring straight down the middle line, drawn in, only we don’t really know where we’re being drawn into. The mystery is the best part.


Anybody out There?

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Went to the National Cathedral last weekend. The stained glass throws beautiful colors on everything, so I had to capture it, if only a little. I only wish I had shot this in RAW. 

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Can I please go back here? Right now? Please?

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Can I please go back here? Right now? Please?