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by Joandita Centika

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A quick self-portrait while studying today. I miss photography so much, and I disappeared from this blog but I think it’s time to reappear and try to post some of my work. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without camera in hand. It’s actually a little upsetting. 

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#kayak #kayaking #everydayadventure #adventure #summer #river #pinebarrens #wharton #boyfriend The boy and I went kayaking today at Wharton State Forest. It was a beautiful day for it but I can’t believe it’s September already. It’s been a really good summer and I’m glad I got to go kayaking at least once before the summer was over. Probably gonna go with the boy and his parents sometime soon, too. 😁 (at Micks Pine Barrens Canoe and Kayak Rental)

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I don’t even remember the last time I had #Lightroom open. But I missed it. This cage the elephant #pandora station is fantastic. I love this song

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Went to get Impossible Project film, and then went to the Leica store (!!) which was really cool, before walking around the city a little in the Chinatown area. 

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Decadence in decay (by odin’s_raven)

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URBEX - Villa du Ramoneur : Green stairs - (- Frank et son “RƏBƏL”)

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Long Exposures with Colorful Blurs by Brice Bischoff

A Los Angeles-based photographer came up with a simple yet clever way to add color to his long exposure photographs using large sheets of brightly colored paper. We bet you’ve never tried something like this before with your long exposure photos, so take a look at the results after the jump!

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Nowhere Man